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Friday, January 21, 2011

My 5 year Vision...

So this morning I spent some time in training learning about how important a vision is for your future if you want to be successful.  I personally have always wanted to be successful, but have never felt I've cut it b/c of some of the things that have been said and done to me over the years.  I personally don't like my success being left in someone elses hands.  I can never live up to the expectation of others, therefore I never feel like I'm a success.  I do not like that feeling especially since I considered myself a success in highschool b/c I always made good grades and had words of affirmation from my teachers.  I never really realized till I got out in the corporate world, how important it is to be affirmed through words or actions.  Not getting it doesn't help my self esteem at all.  Maybe that's part of the reason I feel like such a failure and have felt like that for a long time.  The corporate world is not very affirming nor do they care about your self esteem b/c it's all about the bottom line and that's it. 

Anyway, I have written a vision for myself that I can hopefully accomplish in the next 5 years. This way I have something to work for and look forward too. :) 

<b>My Vision</b>
~ To work from home with CEO mom's and to be at the Senior Director Level.
~Two kids.
~New Car for either me or my husband.
~Debt Free
~Have my savings account built back up again.
~Still living in the home we currently own.
~Alex having the ability to start a computer business he's always wanted.
~A more healthy retirement account so that I can actually retire one day and not just hope and pray that I'll eventually earn enough money to put into a retirement account.

I really enjoy the training I'm getting.  It makes me feel more self confident and in control of my job future.  


Blogger Kristie said...

Welcome to our team, Gina! You are going to LOVE it! Hope to talk with you soon!

January 22, 2011 at 10:22 PM  

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