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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Joy's of being an Aunt :)

So today I got to go see my wonderful nephew, Kyler.  I'm so in love with Jenn's baby.  He's so precious and sweet.  I went over there to spend time with them both today.  I got to hold Kyler for about 3 hours or so while Jenn cleaned.  He slept almost the whole time.  He was so sweet. 

I never realized just how relaxing holding a baby is.  I guess it's b/c I don't ever hold one for that long of a time.  I was so relaxed today.  It was like everything was going to be okay b/c Kyler was in my arms asleep. :) I guess I'll have that feeling when I one day have a child.  Till then, I practice with my friends babies. 

That was the highlight of my day. 

Oh and my brother and his wife are thinking about separating again.  At least she mentioned it tonight to him.  As much as I don't really believe in divorce, I really want him to get one b/c she treats him so awful.  But I'm trying to mind my own business and keep my mouth shut b/c only negative things will come out about her.  He's the one that has to live with his decisions. 

So that was my day.  :)  It was a great day and I'm glad it was. 

To all those that have babies, I envy you.  But I know in time it'll be my turn.


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