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Friday, February 4, 2011

No! No! No! How Many Times Can One Hear the Word NO.

So part of my work at home job deals with having to hear the word "NO" a good bit.  It's not a pleasant word, and it's not a word I like to hear, but in this day and age, people are weary of anything that might actual be good for them.  Odd as it seems, people say "NO" to the good things.

After a week and a hearing the words "No.  I'm not interested.", I've learned a few things.

1. People say "No" out of fear. - They either fear they will not be able to purchase a certain amount of products each month and therefore say "No. It's not for me." Or they fear the aspect of referring people to a website whose products could actually help them in their home. 

2, People think they know from preconceived notions how a work at home job will turn out so they say "No" to keep from getting trapped in something they think will fail.  I'm hear to tell you that it only fails if you aren't willing to put the work into it.

I'm glad my granny taught me at an early age that the worst thing a person can say is "NO."  She says I used to be scared when people told me "NO." So she was trying to teach me that it is okay for someone to say "No."  Life isn't going to change just b/c someone says "NO" to something. 

I like the life lessens I've learned.  I guess God was preparing me for a time when I'd hear a lot of "No's".  However if I want to continue forward with a company that I'm highly impressed with, then I have to get through the No's till I get a "YES." 

The yeses will come in time.  Till then I'm getting lots of practice with hearing "NO," and overcoming the rejection and hurt that brings.  It's not supposed to hurt, but it does especially when it comes from those we care about and are just trying to help. 

My mission with this job is to help others.  I want to help people.  I love helping people.  I really believe in Internet CEO Mom's because their whole mission is to help others.  There's no lying or cheating or dishonesty involved.  It's real people sharing their real stories with others, and then helping those that do join to make a career out of it.  Thankfully, the messages and encouragement is very uplifting and help me get through the No's easier. 

I guess I'll never understand why people clearly know that something would be better for them, and could help them make some residual income, but still say NO to the opportunity.  Hopefully I'll figure that one out in time.  I'm still a newbie and as a newbie I'm learning and going with the flow.  I'm not taking NO for an answer to mean that I'm going to fail at this.  B/c I'm not going to fail.  I've been there and done that and overcame failure when it was hitting me in the face every single day.  This is just simple rejection from others. 

It's easier to take rejection from strangers or people that you don't know.  I guess that's why so many people that do home businesses are fearful of reaching out to their friends and family b/c they assume the worst.  Fortunately I have a supportive husband that is okay with me hearing NO as long as it's getting me where I want to be. :)

So next time someone tells you "NO." Just shrug it off and keep going.  Their one NO is only going to hinder your dreams if you let it.  I however do not intend to let NO's stop me from anything. :) :) :)

No = good for learning and practicing
YES = great opportunity for my business. :)

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